Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Summer Time :)/ Digging Into The Crates

Hey guys and girls.. the blog is going to be wrapping up soon. :( Yeah I know you're kind of sad, I am too. I got the opportunity to give everyone an up close and personal look into our team and some of the things we experienced. Our post season is also wrapping up. Still no word on the recruiting search. Hey, it'll work out for the best and this is a big summer for the senoirs on our squad.

As far as the digging in the crates in the post, I found some video of the team from my freshman year. Let's see how posting this is going to work....

Hey!!! I got it to work! Thats our game against Lenoir Rhyne. That game was intense. I think we won that one if I recall. I wish we had some film of our game in the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte (Bobcats Arena), we got to play on an NBA floor! Thats a great feeling, I had 17 pts in that one. We also won that one. Well I think it's time to wrap it up, YouTube has a couple other clips so watch them. Talk to you next week!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Workout..

This post-season is still moving slow, but this week brought us some pretty good open gyms. Alot of guys from around the area came to the gym to play, and its helping us in the end. We also had our first individual workouts today. They really werent as bad as I thought they would be. I kinda wished I would have played better in the open gym session though.

Our workouts started with some dynamic stretching, to get our muscles loose. I really like to do those before games and workouts because they speed up the process for my body. Regular streching works but it doesnt make me feel as good as the dynamic stretch.

Individual sessions also helps everyone on the team gain confidence in their game. Alot of basketball teams are at this point in their season. Its actually not that bad. We still havent had any recruits. Yeah, that part is kind of discouraging. As players we have no idea what kind of players are coming in for the fall.

Hopefully the coaches pick some good guys. If not we're going to have a tough season, well... not really. We have a lot of tools coming back next season. At this point I guess I can stop rambling about our post-season, talk to you guys next week.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Break

OK we're out of school for Easter break, and this break is long overdue. At this point our basketball program is still having a slooooooooow post season. Everybody is trying to stay in shape and workout as much as possible. At this point we have had, let's see.... no recruits. The plan is to have a couple guys come play after the break.

Post season individual workouts are picking up next week also. Our individual workouts are so tough, the way it's supposed to be. Coach Moore only expects the best from us and I can say he's a pretty big part of why I've been playing well lately. He's had a Hall of Fame career, so why not learn the ropes of the game from him.

While we're in our individual sessions sweating it out, I'm going to keep my NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS in mind. Yes my favorite team has won the national championship in convincing fashion. I've been a fan of UNC since about my 3rd birthday. Yeah some people are born pulling for the boys in powder blue ha ha.

Hopefully next week I can talk about some of the recruits and our workouts. But for now, I'm going to sit back and enjoy this short break. GO HEELS!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Slow Motion Post Season

I want to start of this post with a scream!! Our preseason is moving sooo slow. I kind of needed the break in the beginning, we've been playing basketball since October. After resting for about two weeks, I'm ready to get it going. We haven't had a lot of recruits coming in to play so hopefully the recruiting picks up also. We're losing all of our post players except one. If we don't get any big guys on the post, we're going to be in huge trouble.

Right now, I can say the biggest thing I have been doing lately is waiting for UNC to play. I'm a huge fan and have been a fan since maybe 2 years old. Yeah, its that serious. I always dreamed of playing there personally but it didn't work of course, I'm here at Catawba.

It just seems as if we're letting precious recruiting time pass. With senior year approaching for the guys that came in the 06' freshmen class, a big season is coming sooner than we would ever believe. Who knows what we can accomplish in our last year, I'm hoping its a lot of fun.

I guess I'll end the post now. Hopefully I can give more positives updates on our post season. And......... GO TAR HEELS!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Usually after the season ends Coach Baker gives us some time to rest. Since we extended our year with a couple wins, I guess heThe decided to let us get a longer rest. Since we're not doing much right now, I guess I can give some of the key moments of the year. The times that stood out to me.

One of the most memorable times was the game at North Carolina State. We got to play in ACC country! The atmosphere was amazing! Fans filled the gym, the cheerleaders were there, media, family, it was chaos. We played good, we nearly had a chance to steal that game on the road. On a personal note, I played one of my best games of the year there. The games helped us gain confidence throughout the season.

Let's see...... ok the game against Lenoir Rhyne at Catawba was a good one. We played really well here. Our fans also came out and supported us. It was one of the largests turnouts of the year for us. It was also our first win in the conference, we went on a streak of 5-0 until we lost 4 in a row. The losing streak is one of our down moments of course.

The conference championship game against Tusculum was huge! It was an up and down battle, we won on two free throws in the last couple of seconds. With one minute to go we were up 2. They came down and passed it to the player of the year Kyle Moore, he swished in a three to put them up one point. We came down with about 30 seconds left and they foul us on a drive. We were in the penalty so we shot two free throws. Dominick Reid hit both of them so we went up by one. They had one more possession with about 17 seconds left, but they missed a shot with about 1 second left, we secure the rebound and won the game by one point.

The upset in the NCAA tournament was huge also. Our basketball program has not won a NCAA tournament game in about 10 years, so that win was really special. It seems like every year we make it and go into overtime in every game. Well at least it's been happening since I have been here. They're team was huge, they had alot of big guys. The advantage to us was we were able to push the tempo in the game. We were able to dictate the pace and we won the game executing plays.

After a long season it's good to be able to look back on he accomplishments we've earned. Hopefully next year we can improve on everything we've done. That would probably be a national championship...... ok maybe biting to much of the cake right now but why not aim high?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The End of the Road...... For now.

Our season ended at Augusta State in the NCAA tournament. (Crap!) We lost to USC Aiken in the second round of the tournament. We beat Armstrong Atlantic in the first round game by 7. It was an upset. They were the 3rd seed and we were the 6th. Both games were intense and USC Aiken just made more plays than us.

Throughout our season we have been on winning streaks and have had our share of loses. We manage to gain our 3rd straight 20 win season, 3rd consecutive tournament bid, and 2nd straight conference tournament championship. Hell of an accomplishment wouldn't you think?

With the conclusion of our season came shocking news to my teammates and I. USC Aiken's starting point guard was killed on Wednesday in a car accident. He was a senior, and he was on his way back home in Ohio........... the news almost buckled my knees when I heard about it. We just played those guys last week and now he's dead. For anyone out there reading the blog, please take a moment of silence for Javonte Clanton.

I guess I'll end this post with that. Just hearing about a young person die is pretty deflating. Stay tuned for the postseason news.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey Everyone! Im giving you an update on SAC conference champions Catawba College! Yes, we won the conference tourney. It was so relieving. We played Lenior Rhyne in the semi-final and won by 10 points! We all think it could have been more if we didnt turn the ball over so much. We all played well in that game. We were so cohesive in that outing.

In the championship game we had Tusculum. They are always a tough team to play because they use a lot of screens throughout the game. If you're a basketball player you learn that getting hit with 6 to 10 screen every possession is not fun. They also had the player of the year, and leading scorer on their team. That was interesting. WE ended up beating them by one point! That game was so exciting.

Today, i'm giving you an update from Augusta, Georgia. We been here for a couple days now and its so nice down here. We're here for our third straight NCAA tournament bid. The regional tournament is being held this weekend and could go through Wednesday if we win the championship. All the teams are good here and we're gonna put our best foot forward to represent our school and familes well this weekend.

We play Armstrong Atlantic on Saturday. Those dudes are huge! Size doesnt matter but we're going to have to do what we do best. Run the fast break till we cant run it anymore. This should be fun HAHA! Stay tuned in for the results of the game!