Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Break

OK we're out of school for Easter break, and this break is long overdue. At this point our basketball program is still having a slooooooooow post season. Everybody is trying to stay in shape and workout as much as possible. At this point we have had, let's see.... no recruits. The plan is to have a couple guys come play after the break.

Post season individual workouts are picking up next week also. Our individual workouts are so tough, the way it's supposed to be. Coach Moore only expects the best from us and I can say he's a pretty big part of why I've been playing well lately. He's had a Hall of Fame career, so why not learn the ropes of the game from him.

While we're in our individual sessions sweating it out, I'm going to keep my NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS in mind. Yes my favorite team has won the national championship in convincing fashion. I've been a fan of UNC since about my 3rd birthday. Yeah some people are born pulling for the boys in powder blue ha ha.

Hopefully next week I can talk about some of the recruits and our workouts. But for now, I'm going to sit back and enjoy this short break. GO HEELS!

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  1. well on the bright side i heard stu- was coming back from the UK to play with you guys again next year