Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Summer Time :)/ Digging Into The Crates

Hey guys and girls.. the blog is going to be wrapping up soon. :( Yeah I know you're kind of sad, I am too. I got the opportunity to give everyone an up close and personal look into our team and some of the things we experienced. Our post season is also wrapping up. Still no word on the recruiting search. Hey, it'll work out for the best and this is a big summer for the senoirs on our squad.

As far as the digging in the crates in the post, I found some video of the team from my freshman year. Let's see how posting this is going to work....

Hey!!! I got it to work! Thats our game against Lenoir Rhyne. That game was intense. I think we won that one if I recall. I wish we had some film of our game in the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte (Bobcats Arena), we got to play on an NBA floor! Thats a great feeling, I had 17 pts in that one. We also won that one. Well I think it's time to wrap it up, YouTube has a couple other clips so watch them. Talk to you next week!

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  1. Sadly, I think that LR game was the one we lost in triple overtime. If I'm correct, that was an insane game. It was also the game where some LR fan gave me a (stuffed) cat hanging on a string, by it's neck, with fake blood all over it.