Friday, April 3, 2009

Slow Motion Post Season

I want to start of this post with a scream!! Our preseason is moving sooo slow. I kind of needed the break in the beginning, we've been playing basketball since October. After resting for about two weeks, I'm ready to get it going. We haven't had a lot of recruits coming in to play so hopefully the recruiting picks up also. We're losing all of our post players except one. If we don't get any big guys on the post, we're going to be in huge trouble.

Right now, I can say the biggest thing I have been doing lately is waiting for UNC to play. I'm a huge fan and have been a fan since maybe 2 years old. Yeah, its that serious. I always dreamed of playing there personally but it didn't work of course, I'm here at Catawba.

It just seems as if we're letting precious recruiting time pass. With senior year approaching for the guys that came in the 06' freshmen class, a big season is coming sooner than we would ever believe. Who knows what we can accomplish in our last year, I'm hoping its a lot of fun.

I guess I'll end the post now. Hopefully I can give more positives updates on our post season. And......... GO TAR HEELS!!!

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  1. hope things work out best for the team rob, and your right GO Heels!!!!