Thursday, March 26, 2009


Usually after the season ends Coach Baker gives us some time to rest. Since we extended our year with a couple wins, I guess heThe decided to let us get a longer rest. Since we're not doing much right now, I guess I can give some of the key moments of the year. The times that stood out to me.

One of the most memorable times was the game at North Carolina State. We got to play in ACC country! The atmosphere was amazing! Fans filled the gym, the cheerleaders were there, media, family, it was chaos. We played good, we nearly had a chance to steal that game on the road. On a personal note, I played one of my best games of the year there. The games helped us gain confidence throughout the season.

Let's see...... ok the game against Lenoir Rhyne at Catawba was a good one. We played really well here. Our fans also came out and supported us. It was one of the largests turnouts of the year for us. It was also our first win in the conference, we went on a streak of 5-0 until we lost 4 in a row. The losing streak is one of our down moments of course.

The conference championship game against Tusculum was huge! It was an up and down battle, we won on two free throws in the last couple of seconds. With one minute to go we were up 2. They came down and passed it to the player of the year Kyle Moore, he swished in a three to put them up one point. We came down with about 30 seconds left and they foul us on a drive. We were in the penalty so we shot two free throws. Dominick Reid hit both of them so we went up by one. They had one more possession with about 17 seconds left, but they missed a shot with about 1 second left, we secure the rebound and won the game by one point.

The upset in the NCAA tournament was huge also. Our basketball program has not won a NCAA tournament game in about 10 years, so that win was really special. It seems like every year we make it and go into overtime in every game. Well at least it's been happening since I have been here. They're team was huge, they had alot of big guys. The advantage to us was we were able to push the tempo in the game. We were able to dictate the pace and we won the game executing plays.

After a long season it's good to be able to look back on he accomplishments we've earned. Hopefully next year we can improve on everything we've done. That would probably be a national championship...... ok maybe biting to much of the cake right now but why not aim high?


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great season.

  2. You win that national championship, and I'll treat you to a steak dinner! Great year you guys had this time. Congrats.