Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey Everyone! Im giving you an update on SAC conference champions Catawba College! Yes, we won the conference tourney. It was so relieving. We played Lenior Rhyne in the semi-final and won by 10 points! We all think it could have been more if we didnt turn the ball over so much. We all played well in that game. We were so cohesive in that outing.

In the championship game we had Tusculum. They are always a tough team to play because they use a lot of screens throughout the game. If you're a basketball player you learn that getting hit with 6 to 10 screen every possession is not fun. They also had the player of the year, and leading scorer on their team. That was interesting. WE ended up beating them by one point! That game was so exciting.

Today, i'm giving you an update from Augusta, Georgia. We been here for a couple days now and its so nice down here. We're here for our third straight NCAA tournament bid. The regional tournament is being held this weekend and could go through Wednesday if we win the championship. All the teams are good here and we're gonna put our best foot forward to represent our school and familes well this weekend.

We play Armstrong Atlantic on Saturday. Those dudes are huge! Size doesnt matter but we're going to have to do what we do best. Run the fast break till we cant run it anymore. This should be fun HAHA! Stay tuned in for the results of the game!

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