Thursday, March 19, 2009

The End of the Road...... For now.

Our season ended at Augusta State in the NCAA tournament. (Crap!) We lost to USC Aiken in the second round of the tournament. We beat Armstrong Atlantic in the first round game by 7. It was an upset. They were the 3rd seed and we were the 6th. Both games were intense and USC Aiken just made more plays than us.

Throughout our season we have been on winning streaks and have had our share of loses. We manage to gain our 3rd straight 20 win season, 3rd consecutive tournament bid, and 2nd straight conference tournament championship. Hell of an accomplishment wouldn't you think?

With the conclusion of our season came shocking news to my teammates and I. USC Aiken's starting point guard was killed on Wednesday in a car accident. He was a senior, and he was on his way back home in Ohio........... the news almost buckled my knees when I heard about it. We just played those guys last week and now he's dead. For anyone out there reading the blog, please take a moment of silence for Javonte Clanton.

I guess I'll end this post with that. Just hearing about a young person die is pretty deflating. Stay tuned for the postseason news.


  1. Sorry to hear about USC Aiken's PG. You will always have the honor of playing with him.

  2. Congrats on getting conference though!!! That's great!

  3. Wow... that is really sad about Javonte Clanton. I'm sure his teammates really took a fall, and it's so sad that he was just about to start life in "the real world."

    Agreed, though... hell of an accomplishment on Catawba's basketball team, though!! Congrats!